Hard Disks


This feature describes Local Hard Disks and how they relate to virtual machines.

It is important to note that Hard Disks do not persist on VDC. If you undeploy your machine, your Hard Disks will be destroyed. This also means they can not be detached from your machine at any point.

Hard Disks are considered to be a form of 'Local Storage', usage of these will affect your billing and service commitment in this regard.

You may have up to three additional hard disks per virtual machine if your machine is SCSI based (which is the current default), please contact us if you require more than this.

Creating a Hard Disk

The following steps require your virtual machine to be Powered Off

Hard disks are created inside the virtual machine's 'Storage' addition tab, (when you click on the add-button.png button to add storage to a virtual machine)

You should see the "Assign virtual disk",The window will give a basic dialog box with which to add the hard disk, by inputting its desired size.


Once the hard disk is created, it should appear in the storage list as type 'Hard Disk' along with its size.


Your hard disk must be no larger than 2030GB in size in order to be supported for our self-service backup service, we plan to increase this limit in the future.

Modifying the attachment order of Hard Disk

Clicking on the attachment order, you will see it can be modified in order to change the attachment order presented to the virtual machine before it is powered on.


Removing Hard Disks

Removing a Hard Disk will destroy all data present on it, you can remove a hard disk by using the remove-storage.png button from your virtual machine's storage tab.