Viewing events

The Events view allows users to see what is happening in the Claranet Cloud. It is divided into two parts: on the right there is a list of all the events and errors that occurred in the system. In the left panel, there is a filter for selecting only certain events to view.


The Event List

The event list has 7 columns:

Column Description
Source Shows the system object that is the source of the event or error and its full hierarchy. For example, it could be a MACHINE MODIFY event, where the source is myMachine (the name of the machine) which is part of a rack named myRack which is part of a datacenter named myDatacenter which belongs to the MyCompany enterprise.
Date The date and time when the event was generated.
Action The action that was performed when the event was generated.
User The user who performed the Action.
Trace Additional information about the event.
Severity The severity of the event. From INFO (information event) to CRITICAL (a critical error that compromises platform stability).

There is also the Update automatically checkbox. If checked, new events will be automatically added to the list as they arrive. Otherwise, you must refresh the list manually.

On the home page you can Double-click on an event to see the event detail.


Filtering Events

To make it easier to find a specific event, use the filter tool in the left panel of Events view. You can search for events related to a datacenter, a user, an enterprise, etc. One or more fields can be used for filtering at the same time, which increases the power of the filtering tool to help you keep up to date with what is happening in the system.

Use the filter icon to display the filter options.filter-icon.png



The Severity Table

Severity Description
NORMAL General information about the state of the platform.
INFO General information events generated by the user.
WARNING No error, but a problem may appear in the future.
MINOR Minor error that doesn't block the normal use of the main functionalities of the platform.
MAJOR Major error that doesn't block the normal use of the main functionalities of the platform.
CRITICAL Critical error in the infrastructure that blocks the normal use of main functionalities of the platform and can compromise platform stability.