Self service backup

Customers who have purchased the backup option, may control this through our self service backup facility.

To have the self service backup facility enabled, please contact your account manager, it is enabled on a per-account and not enterprise basis.

In order to use the self service backup facility, you should navigate within your virtual appliance, to the virtual machine which you require to be backed up.

Within the machine's configuration screen, a new tab should appear, Backup Configuration, selecting the tab will produce a screen as shown:


To enable backups for your virtual machine, select the 'Enable Backup' checkbox, and the 'Daily' checkbox to schedule backups to be taken on a daily basis.


Backups will be taken during our normal backup window, which is between 22:00 UTC and 06:00 UTC the following day. It is not currently possible to input a custom time.

It is also not possible to select disks that you wish to include or exclude from the backup, all disks are backed up when backups are enabled.

In order to monitor the progress of your backup jobs, the 'Latest Backups' tab should provide a listing, when these have taken place, as shown:


When your backup commences, your appliance will be locked in both the web interface and the API, preventing you from making any changes to it whilst the backup is being taken, changes may be made after your backup concludes. This is likely to be for a longer duration of time when your first full backup is taken.