Keeping a copy of your VM

What does deployment mean?

Virtual Machines are deployed onto the Claranet Cloud platform when the deploybutton.png Deploy Virtual Appliance button is clicked. At this time the Virtual Image is copied onto the storage from which the Virtual Machine then boots.

All Virtual Machines provisioned on the Claranet Cloud exist until a user destroys them; VMs can be powered off and on without fear of losing data. When a Virtual Appliance is undeployed, the cloud destroys all VMs that it has deployed onto the computing platform and deletes each VM disk image, returning all used resources to the pool.

So remember, when the Virtual Appliance is undeployed, the boot volume is deleted and any work you have done on it is lost.

In some cases you might want to preserve the contents of a VM before undeploying and the Claranet Cloud provides a mechanism to do this:

You can create an 'Instance' of a VM which is stored centrally in your Cloud image library. One or more new VMs can be created from each instance. This can be used as a way to create a VM template.