Getting started with the Claranet Cloud

There are 10 steps to getting your first test Virtual Machine up and running. These are covered in more depth elsewhere on this site.

  1. Log in and click the Virtual Datacentres icon
  2. Highlight your VDC in the left pane, and click the button to create your first Virtual Appliance. Give it a name in the box that pops up. Un-check the Automatically open it after creation box
  3. Click the App Library icon. This is where you choose your Virtual Image templates
  4. Select the Datacentre from the left pane. The Virtual Images pane will be blank, since you now need to get an image into your library
  5. Click the button and choose from Remote Repository. You can load your own images from your own repository too when you have one
  6. Choose a repository from the left pane and you'll see a list of images to choose from. Check the Download box on one of the images, and click the button to download the image into your own App Library. This may take a couple of minutes - you can close the pane if you like, or click the button to see the status of the download.
  7. Go back to the Virtual Appliance - remember, click the Virtual Datacentres icon, click the right-arrow next to the name of the Virtual Appliance and it opens
  8. Drag the image you downloaded into the Virtual Machines pane. Since we're just testing we don't need to congfigure it.
  9. Click on the Deploy Virtual Appliance icon -

After a minute or two your first Virtual Machine will be running! You can click on it to see its configuration, and start a remote desktop session to set it up.

When you've finished, you can delete it all (and therefore not incur charges) by undeploying the appliance and clicking the Delete button which appears when you click on the Virtual Machine.