Deploying a VA

When you deploy a Virtual Appliance, a number of activities take place.

  • Your allocation limit is checked to ensure that the Appliance can be deployed
  • The Cloud engine decides which physical machine onto which to deploy the Virtual Machines
  • The images of the Virtual Machine boot volumes get copied from your Appliance Library to the storage of the that machine
  • Each machine is started in alphabetical order - but note that some may boot faster than others, so the actual order that each machine comes into service may not be the same alphabetical order
  • The Cloud database is updated to record that you have consumed some of your allocated resources and billing records are created

The copying of the boot volumes and the starting of machines can take some time. A typical Windows boot volume can be 20GB, which will take some time to copy. Then Windows takes a little while to boot. For those reasons, you may see the "spinning wheel" icon for some minutes, depending on the number of VMs you're trying to deploy.

Note that in the current release, the progress bar does not update progressively. This is a known issue which will be resolved in a future release.

If you would like to be see faster results, add machines in ones or twos to the Appliance, using the *Update running appliance button to deploy subsequent machines. You can leave the Appliance view and perform other tasks if you so wish.