Welcome to the Claranet Cloud

In this help guide are a number of pages which will guide you through the use of the Claranet Cloud user interface. Please email our support team if you have any improvements to suggest.

Claranet Cloud Concepts

As with any technical environment, a number of concepts and terms need to be understood.

Virtual Datacenter
A Virtual Datacenter, or VDC, is the cloud environment that contains all of your Virtual Appliances and storage volumes to attach to your Virtual Machines. You can have more than one VDC, if (for example) you want some of your appliances to be based in different physical countries
Virtual Appliance
A Virtual Appliance is a logical container for one or more Virtual Machines, which are connected by a virtual network within a VDC. The Virtual Appliance may also be connected to networks outside the Claranet Cloud environment, such as the Internet or your corporate Wide Area Network
Virtual Machine
A Virtual Machine (VM) is like a physical computer, except that it shares some hardware resources with other VMs in the Claranet Cloud. When you build a VM, you can either download one from our image repository, or copy an existing VM that you've already configured, or build a new VM from a backup of an existing one - this is called an "instance". You can even create your own repository for your own images! In this way, each Virtual Machine is an independently installable run-time entity comprising an operating system, applications and other application-specific data
Virtual Image Library
Where permitted by role, you can capture and store Virtual Machine images in private, shared or even public libraries. You can combine sets of VM images into a single Virtual Appliance for easy re-deployment. Shared libraries allow an IT organisation to define standard VM images, built to your company's anti-virus, directory and control requirements. Public VM images from reputable vendors can be downloaded for rapid deployment of complex systems, dramatically reducing implementation and evaluation times


What's my username?
Your username is your email address
I've forgotten my password, how can I reset it?
To ensure the highest level of security for your mission-critical applications, you can only reset your password by contacting our support team
How can I increase my resource limits?
Please contact your account manager to discuss this
I want to connect my Virtual Appliance to the internet - how can I do this?
Firstly you need to make sure you've ordered internet access addresses. When this is provisioned, use the network tab in the Virtual Appliance page to add a public internet address to the Appliance. Then, configure a VM in that appliance with a public network address, boot the VM and configure it's network interface with that address, gateway, subnet mask and so on. We recommend that you use a virtual firewall such as M0n0wall to keep the other machines in your appliance secure. We can also offer a managed firewall service using hardware firewalls if you prefer not to manage this yourself